Hallett Transport are a 24/7 operation that services internal and external businesses.

Hallett Transport own and operate over 30 prime movers of various configurations from Tandem Truck and Dog, Semi Tippers through to B Double and A Double / Triple Road-trains. We also operate 4 cement powder tankers that can be configured to A or B double as required.

On top of our company owned fleet Hallett has long established reciprocal partnerships with a large number of contract transport providers.

•  Supplying raw materials to Hallett Concrete for its day-to-day operations to all plants

•  Delivery of Materials from our three Quarries, Sand Pit and Recycling business direct to our customers

•  Partnered with leading bulk powder transport providers for the delivery of Hallett Group’s cementitious products to regional locations

Hallett Transport has a highly skilled and experienced team with significant experience of operating in mining and other high regulation environments. We are committed to best practice safety and operate under accredited mass management, fatigue management and COR compliance schemes.