Our Future

Delivering successful outcomes in a safe, responsible and environmentally thoughtful manner.

Sustainable operation is fundamental to our business. We believe responsible, sustainable operations benefit our communities and drive positive results for the long term. As an industry leader, Hallett Group’s aim has always been to meet – and strive to exceed – all federal, state and local environmental regulations.

However, environmental sustainability means looking beyond what is required of a company by governments and regulators. We continue to make significant progress on reducing our carbon footprint, increasing our energy efficiency, increasing recycled water use, reducing waste and managing our land with biodiversity in mind. It’s the right thing to do for society, for our business and our stakeholders.

We build sustainable communities to connect you to the people, places and things that matter.

Infrastructure – From bridges and highways to communications and utilities, we provide the infrastructure that keeps you connected and protected.

Commercial – From high rise to shopfronts and stadiums, we provide interior and exterior solutions to create the beautiful, functional buildings where you work, shop and play.

Residential – From paving for your driveway to timber for your patio and all-glass shower enclosures for your bathroom, we provide the function you need with the aesthetics you want.