Providing high performance cement.

Hallett Cement offers a broad range of high-quality construction and mining grade cementitious products to suit most applications.

Hallett Cement has invested in a sustainable, forward thinking business model underpinned by a rigorous pursuit of high quality, economical products for the benefit of its many like-minded customers. Our products are used across a vast array of markets and we pride ourselves on our ability to work in close partnership with our customers to continuously improve our offering.


General Purpose Cement – AS3972 Type GP Cement

Blended Cements – AS3972 Type GB Cement

White Cement – AS3972 Type GP Cement

Fly Ash – Grade 1 as per AS3582.1 Part 1: Fly Ash

GGBFS – AS3582.2 Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Specialty Cements – Hallett Cement offers a range of cements that meet the requirements as set out in AS3972 for special purpose applications (e.g. Shrinkage Limited, Sulfate Resisting, Low Heat, High Early Strength)

Lime – Hydrated Lime, Quicklime