Hallett Group is delighted to announce that the inflation of its new dome has been completed, following the deflation of its original dome last month.

In less than four weeks a new dome skin has been manufactured in Canada, air freighted into Australia, and then fitted and inflated at Port Adelaide. Design and process control improvements have been adopted throughout this process to ensure the dome is stable and strong.

Hallett Group’s green cement transformation project represents a significant opportunity to decarbonise the cement and concrete industry in South Australia and beyond. The Port Adelaide dome and green cement blending and distribution facility are a key element of this exciting project.

Hallett Group Chief Executive Kane Salisbury: “Our team has done a remarkable job to get this rectification process complete in record time. One of our core business values is to be ‘agile, innovative and fastest’ and we have certainly lived that value these past few weeks. We thank the many supply and customer partners that assisted us through this period as we get on with the job of delivering one of the largest carbon reduction projects in Australia.”