Mates in Construction

MATES is a charity established in 2008 to reduce the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers.

MATES provides suicide prevention through community development programs on sites, and by supporting workers in need through case management and a 24/7 help line. We serve the construction industry in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, the Energy industry in Queensland and New South Wales, and nationally to the Mining industry.

The MATES program is based on the simple idea that suicide is everyone’s business. If the building and construction industry in Australia is to improve the mental health and well-being of workers and reduce suicide, then it cannot be left to mental health professionals: everyone in the industry must play their part.

Hallett Group is a Tier 1 Industry Partner, providing support to help MATES save lives in the SA Construction Industry.

Hallett have been involved with MATES since late 2017 and are delighted to be one of their Tier 1 Industry Partners. MATES are a great and valued friend and resource to us and have been there to support us at our times of need. We look forward to our ongoing involvement with MATES and provide them with much needed funds to continue their training programs and get their message out to our Industry.

Hallett Group are confident that through both our internal and external promotion of MATES, we will make an even greater impact on the people we encounter and the communities we work in.

If you or someone you know is needing support, contact MATES.


“We don’t need a reason to help out our communities. We just do it”

Hallett Group have always been committed to supporting causes that matter to our customers, our employees and to our communities. We aim to make a difference through our generous program of donations and ongoing sponsorships to the children’s charity Variety Club, local charities, Sporting clubs, Community centres and even Olympic hopefuls.